A Leading Multinational Conglomerate

EGFS International Corp. is an american multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. The company wholly owns (logistics) Adelle’s Trucking LLC, (food service) Adelle’s Bakery, (automotive sell) Egfs Motors ltd, (cargo) Egfs Intl Import & Export ltd.
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Investing Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

We strengthen our company objective, recognize the heritage that brought us here, create value with environmental and social responsibility, contribute to people’s growth and anticipate social requirements.

Evolving is having the courage to rethink, resignify, retribute for us. It has the bravery to bring out the best in each person in order to attain the best of all. We have the vocation at the correct moment to make the correct choices. Making possibilities big business. This is how we assist our investors to become benchmarks in their sections, creating beneficial effect and value in whatever region they work.

  • Employee Satisfaction 97% 97%
  • Investor Satisfaction 97% 97%
  • Customer Satisfaction 97% 97%

EGFS International Corp. is a proactive and agile young company, delivering on our promises and surpassing expectations by using our industry knowledge to generate value for our customers and investors. We love to be continuously challenged and always strive for excellence in every aspect of our business.

Adelle’s Trucking LLC

Adelle’s Trucking LLC is a privately-held asset based trucking company with a full service 3rd party logistics division. At Adelle’s Trucking LLC our primary focus is to support businesses with their various freight shipping needs throughout Florida, Georgia, and the greater South. Our company is dedicated at providing outstanding service to all our customers which is an extension of their own businesses.

EGFS International Import & Export, LTD.

Our firm has over 15 years of experience in global project management and several high-risk and complicated import / export initiatives have been effectively implemented. Let’s help you with your project needs today.

EGFS Motors, LTD.

At EGFS Motors Ltd, we give easy and cost-effective maintenance of fleet vehicles to provide quick, thorough and inexpensive fleet accounts and fleet executives to maintain your fleet in peak condition. Corporate fleet services from the EGFS provide a range of automotive repair and tire services, including 24-hour towing and roadside help for light, medium, and heavy duty and more.

Adelle’s Bakery

True inspiration comes from the components of humility. We bake and offer a wide variety of fresh daily products across Florida. Our wide variety involves sourdough loaves, bread from Italy, rolls, pastries and cakes. Our team of enthusiastic bakers creates artisan breads and seasonal baked goods for every occasion using age-old recipes and only the freshest ingredients.

PHONE: 561-485-4307 | FAX: 954-827-0532 | E-MAIL: INFO@EGFSINTERNATIONAL.COM